Sunday, April 26, 2020

Mosiah 4 Remembrance Magnets

Hello, my friends! Just popping in to share some magnets I made based off of this week's lesson in Come, Follow Me! As the family engagement activity stated, my husband and I read Mosiah 4:9-12 and looked for phrases that hit our hearts as a remembrance of all that God has done for us. These magnets are the result! I'll be putting mine on my bathroom mirror, but they could also go on a refrigerator, or anywhere you need a reminder of God's love for you.

You may print these individually, or as a PDF with 4 sets on a page. These are to be used FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not try to sell them, as I truly want these to be free for anyone who would like them!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, my friends! Never forget that you are a beloved child of Heavenly Parents who want you to learn, grow, and make choices that will help you return to Them. May the Lord bless your lives with peace and love!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

2020 Young Women Freebies!

Hello, friends! I am currently serving as my ward's Young Women secretary, and I created a fun bundle for our new class presidencies to use. I thought I would share the love and pass them along! 

The folder inserts include the following resources, created using materials from
  • Handbook 2 guidelines for class presidencies and the class secretary
  • Service & Activity Guidelines for Youth
  •  How Do I Conduct a Meeting?
  • Young Women Meeting Conducting Sheet (3 per page)
  • Youth Activity Conducting Sheet (2 per page)
  • Activity Planning Form
The binder covers feature the 2020 Youth Theme, "Go & Do", and are generic with the following titles:
  • Class President
  • First Counselor
  • Second Counselor
  • Class Secretary
Download the folder inserts HERE and the binder covers HERE! Please use them for PERSONAL USE ONLY. They are not intended for sale and are being shared for free by MHKDesigns, creator of the files. Thank you for following this guideline so that I can continue to share what I make! Until next time, sending love and prayers of peace!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Importance of Grief, Voices, and Names

As I was reading the lesson in Come, Follow Me a few weeks ago, I was struck by something that I hadn't thought about before. Well, at least not within this context. It's a two part thought, and it came to me as I was pondering the account of Christ showing Himself to Mary Magdalene in the garden as she is overcome with emotion.

Before I continue with my new thought, I just have to say that it has always been an amazing blessing in my life to know that God and our Savior value women just as much as men. We are all equally important to them. I am so grateful for scriptural accounts that help me understand this, such as the account of this sacred moment in the garden immediately following our Savior's return to earth in His resurrected form.

I have always been able to relate to Mary Magdalene's feelings. She felt so overcome with grief because of the love she had for our Savior. I cannot imagine coming to the tomb to complete the rituals of your faith and finding the body of a beloved one gone. Even with the angels' account, even with their words meant to comfort, I still understand her grief.

Matthew 27:57–60, Angels speak to Mary Magdalene as she searches for Jesus Christ

I believe that families can be forever. That, when we make covenants with the Lord and keep them, we will be crowned with glory in the next life and continue the loving relationships we have on this earth. This gives me hope. But it doesn't negate grief. And I don't believe our Father in Heaven meant it to. Grief is an expression of extreme love and gratitude for the life of a person that has been such a large part of our own. It is the way we honor those we lose. 

We can continue on with our lives, but that love does stay with us, sometimes in an overwhelming way that sometimes brings us to tears when we hear a song, smell something that reminds us of the person, or see a photo/picture of them. This is why I love the story of Mary Magdalene in the garden. She was not afraid to show her grief because of the love she has for our Savior.

John 20:3–18, Mary Magdalene weeps outside Jesus Christ's tomb

So, now comes my *NEW*-ish two-part thought. The first thought is this--will I recognize the voice of my Savior, even in grief? At first, Mary did not. I don't judge her for that. I do the SAME THING when I am in a place of grief. But she didn't tell the Savior to leave. Instead, she asked for help, or rather, asked if He knew how to help her by giving her information. She wanted to make things right in her grief, and I love her for that. Even though she didn't recognize His voice immediately, she was willing to ask for help.

John 20:3–18, Mary hears Christ while looking for Him at the tomb

Now, the second part of my thought. How will the Savior say my name when I see Him? How will Heavenly Father say my name when I see Him? Will they say it lovingly in disappointment, or lovingly in happiness? You see, Christ says Mary's name in a way that is loving. I believe the Savior and our Father always speak our names lovingly. But, I also know that, based on our actions, we will be judged after this life. So, how do I want my name to be said? Lovingly in disappointment, or lovingly in happiness and celebration for a life well lived?

Writing that also makes me think about the way I say other people's names. Am I emulating my Savior and Heavenly Father and speaking names in a loving way, or do I speak names in derision and anger? Yep, I need to work on that!

John 20:3–18, The resurrected Christ approaches Mary at the tomb

I love this story. I love that Christ chose to appear to a woman before anyone else. I love that she recognized Him because of the way He said her name. I hope to have that experience one day.

John 20:3–18, Mary Magdalene speaks with the resurrected Christ

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read my thoughts! My goal is to write something each week. Sometimes it will be shorter, sometimes longer. Sometimes I won't write, and that will be ok. :) I hope that you feel our Savior's love for you! He is there, even when we feel He's not. Remember, that's our grief getting in the way. Don't let it!