Sunday, February 18, 2018


Happy Sabbath, friends! This week's post is about what God wants us to become. Specifically, it's about what I know He wants me to become. The newest Mormon Message hit me powerfully today as I watched it. In it, the man speaking shares about losing both parents at a young age and the need he had and has to rely on the Lord for strength to overcome and persevere. I love hearing these stories of how the Lord strengthens His children!

My own journey to become what God would have me be has most definitely not been what I had planned. My husband and I planned to have six children, and I would be a stay-at-home mom to fulfill the role of motherhood in the way I felt God needed me to. Instead of having children, however, we have been blessed to not have them.

That statement probably sounds strange to some of you, and may even be offensive. It isn't meant to be. It is a statement of contentment knowing that the Lord has greater plans for me than what I thought should be. It is not meant to undermine or demean those who are blessed to have children and raise them. It is my acceptance of the Lord's will, and my desire to continue on the path HE has for me instead of my own.

I could share with you all about our journey through infertility, but that is not what my focus is this week. Instead, I wanted to share with you all what I have been able to BECOME because He knows better than I do what I need.  Here is the list of what He has helped me become:

  1. A wife and eternal companion in a relationship that values open communication, trust, and support of each other.
  2. The mother of a fur-baby pup that has given me joy that I never understood, but now can't live without.
  3. A teacher of children from all walks of life who need to feel the influence of the Spirit in some way, and I strive to do that daily.
  4. A colleague that values the opinion and wisdom of others, who understands that we are better together than alone.
  5. A daughter of God who trusts that His ways will always lead me where I need to go, tell me what I can do in any given situation, and allows me to repent daily.
I'm sure that I could go on, but that's all that I have for now. I created another printable to help me remember that God is continually helping me to BECOME what He would have me be. I made it in a variety of colors, hoping that each of you can find one you love!

Thank you for stopping by again today! I hope that you have been uplifted and can see all that God is helping YOU to become. You are wonderful, amazing, beautiful, talented, and, above all, His child. Wishing you peace this week, and always!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Move Forward Together

Moment of truth here. I used to place value on my worth based on callings that I received. This is not only a dangerous practice, but one that leads ultimately to unhappiness and an unwillingness to do what the Lord would have us do. I have found that each calling is just as important as the next, although I still feel that anyone who teaches young children (especially in nursery) have the most vital callings.

As I have come in contact with other people, I can see the difference in those who understand that their worth is NEVER tied to a calling and those who cannot divide the two. Those who don't tie their worth to their calling are much more kind, loving, and willing to serve outside of their callings and just generally do good. I'm not saying that those who keep the two connected never do good, I am saying it seems more difficult for them to look outside their realm and realize that their responsibility is to all mankind, not just those they are called to serve in this moment.

Today I came across THIS ARTICLE which really spoke to me. The main focus was that callings are not about stepping up or down. They are about moving forward. Here is the print I made for the article:

My goal this week is to help others move forward, whether they are baptized members of the Church or not. I hope you join me!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Seek Truth Earnestly

I have decided to start being more proactive about what I view and do on the Sabbath day. It's been a very long time since I posted here at My Uni-Verse, and I feel that posting here weekly about something uplifting I viewed on the Sabbath will help me keep on track. Since we all know how I have been in the past, I am hoping this simple change will be do-able and not overwhelming.

That said, this week's post is about seeking truth. Today I viewed this Mormon Message:

I was very touched by this parable. I am a second grade teacher and often have situations arise where I do not have the full picture. I may be quick to judge a student based on past behavior instead of getting all the facts. I am aware of this fault and am working on it.

I was grateful to know that Heavenly Father is aware of this and would guide me today to something that would encourage me to be better! He is so kind and long-suffering towards me. I have created a print to share with you all that I am planning to print and display in my classroom as a reminder.

I hope you each take time to seek truth earnestly each day so that we can all become perfected and live with God again. Sending love and hugs to each and all!