Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chalkboard or Cross Stitch? VOTE!

So, I'm trying to do better about blogging on both this blog and my paper crafting blog, but going back to school full time seriously takes a ton of my time!  So, I hate to admit it, but my paper crafting blog has been winning the battle the past few months.

BUT, I do have a question to ask you all...which type of print do you like best?  Chalkboard (very trendy right not) or cross stitch (also kinda trendy)?  I've made two prints using the same quote but different styles and I want you to vote!  Hopefully this will be the first in a series of prints where I ask you to vote and then give away the winner as a freebie here on this blog! :)  I shall call it Free 4 All Freebies!

Here's the chalkboard~

Here's the cross stitch~

So, which one would you like in your home?  Which goes along better with your style?  Would it make a difference if I used different colors on the cross stitch one?  Here's the kicker--the one that wins will be added here later this week as a freebie!  So, go to it!  VOTE in the comments below!!! :)  Hope to see you again later this week or early next week! :)