Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Punny Valentines

Okay, is it just me or are punny Valentine's the absolute best?!  I LOVE them!  And I wanted to make a Valentine for each child at church but didn't want to spend money on the card and the candy, so I made my own puns!  And I'm gonna share them with you!  You can find the document of ALL of them HERE.

Here's one of my faves~

And another sample~

And just one more~

That's right, these are all in a document for you, along with other ones!  There's a total of 24 Valentines.  Oh my word, I LOVE them!  You'll have to download the document to see them all, but here's a list of all the puns I came up with...

  1. You are the apple of my eye, Valentine!
  2. Please bee mine, Valentine!
  3. I think you're tweet, Valentine!
  4. Fluttering by with a Valentine hi!
  5. You take the cake, Valentine!
  6. A very cherry Valentine's!
  7. I think you are grape, Valentine!
  8. You are so sweet, Valentine!
  9. You are one in a melon, Valentine!
  10. I mustache you to be my Valentine!
  11. I'm nuts about you, Valentine!
  12. You're a peach, Valentine!
  13. We make a great pear, Valentine!
  14. We are two peas in a pod, Valentine!
  15. You stole a pizza my heart, Valentine!
  16. You're so cool, Valentine!
  17. You're a star, Valentine!
  18. You are so berry sweet, Valentine!
  19. You are my sunshine, Valentine!
  20. Please donut break my heart, Valentine!
  21. You're just write, Valentine!
  22. You make me go bananas, Valentine!
  23. You can't be beet, Valentine!
  24. I soda like you, Valentine!
Yep.  That's all.  So very punny!  I LOVE IT!  I'm debating on whether to print them on white, cream, or kraft many choice!

I hope you like my offering today!  Please feel free to use these Valentines FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!  HUGS and happy printing to you all! :)


Anthony and Laura said...

These are awesome! Thanks Mynn!

Cornelia W said...

Wow - you are so creative - love all those punny Valentines!