Monday, December 31, 2012

For the Coming Year


Well, I stopped on one of my absolute favorite talks from Conference.  It was given by Elder Robert C. Gay and can be found HERE.

Elder Gay recounts a story from his youth.  We've all had similar experiences of learning to tell the truth or not steal, I'm sure, but for some reason this story really struck me.  I think it was the way his father asked him, "Son, would you exchange your soul for a nickle?"  Go and read this story--it will hit you hard.

So, my question to myself and all of my readers for the new and upcoming year is "What will I exchange for my soul?"  This questions will require each of us to take a deeper look at our motives, our desires, and our willingness to answer the Savior's call to follow Him.  Since this is a personal thing, I won't go into details about what I am planning to do, but I hope each of you take time to ponder this question and to resolve to be a little bit better each day of 2013.

Here's the print I made with a quote from this talk~

I've also added a few words on how we can become an 11 on a scale of 1-10 when we utilize the Atonement of our Savior HERE on my paper crafting blog.  You'll have to see my card first, sorry, but hop over there if you have the time, I hope it inspires you!

Please feel free to use this print for PERSONAL USE only.  More information about disclaimers and printing policies can be found in the tab up top.  Happy printing!

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