Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gifts of the Season

Isn't Christmas a wonderful time of year?  I LOVE making homemade gifts to give to people or finding fun new ways to give gifts in a unique way.  This year at work we did something so fun!  We had a "Hot Cocoa Bar."  Each participant brought a fun holiday mug to trade in for a new one.  I got the cutest one!!!

Here it is~

Isn't that darling?!  I just love it!  I think that this is such a great idea!  There were different types of marshmallows and peppermint sticks for stirring the cocoa.  There were different types of bagged powder cocoa and some hot water in a warmer.  AND donut holes!  What fun!  This had to be blogged because I want to keep this idea for later!

The other gifts that I want to blog about are the gifts I've made for the sisters that I visit teach for Christmas.  As you know, I've been creating printables for the October 2012 General Conference talks.  Well...I've finished them, I just haven't blogged them!  I got prints made and my companion and I have compiled the photos in albums to give to the sisters we visit. 

Here's a look~

It was seriously budget friendly to do this!  I had a 40% off code for the photos and the albums were just altered $1 albums from the store.  The total for each on was under $5!!!  And it's something that will encourage further study and inspire the sisters as they use the photos to decorate their homes. 

I think the next gift will be for Valentine's Day and it will be picture frames that these quotes will fit in.  Then each sister can display the quotes in a place that they will be able to reflect on them daily.  The beauty of this is that they can choose different quotes at different times in their lives!

I hope you've found inspiration in these two ideas--I will be back with more General Conference quotes SOON!!!  Merry Christmas friends--I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be able to do over the next few days! ;) 

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