Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teaching Tykes: Obedience

My teaching the gospel in the home tip for this week is to create an atmosphere where the Spirit can be present.  Do this by keeping your surroundings clean, viewing and listening to uplifting media, and having pictures of the Savior, the temple, and other church media in your home.   I have found that a lot of gospel teaching moments can happen when a child asks about pictures that are up in the home.  Try having a frame in a special family area that you can change pictures from the Gospel Art Kit out easily in order to encourage gospel learning.

This will be quite quick as I am on "vacation" for a family wedding. ;)  This week's lesson will be Primary 2: Lesson 30: I Can Be Obedient.  Find my lesson helps HERE.

Short and sweet--how do we teach children obedience?  By obeying God.  Think about that this week as you prepare your lesson.

How I would teach the lesson:

*I would play a game about things Heavenly Father has asked us to do by having the children choose a picture from a bag.  The pictures are in the lesson helps. :)

*I would have the children color their own "I Can Obey" badges--found in the lesson helps.

*I would prepare Enrichment Activities 2, 3, and 5.

Sorry so short--hope to be back more fully next week! ;)  Have a wonderful day!!!


Wendy @ E1A said...

Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding Mynnette.

Joni said...

Thank you, this is so helpful!! I particularly love the grab bag idea with the pictures.