Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teaching Tykes: I Will Obey the Law

Wow.  I am so not ready for this week!  We just got back and I go back to work tomorrow, so this will be another short post--sorry!

Tip for teaching the gospel in the home this week: Understand how your children learn.  Each person on this earth is unique and therefore learns in a different way from others.  This is why the church has so many materials available for our use.  Take time to pray about each of your children so that you can understand how they individually learn so that you can teach them as individuals and be more effective.  This applies to our Primary children as well.  Our Father in Heaven knows each of His children perfectly and so He should be the very first person we talk to about any issues or concerns we have.  After we talk to Him, we may need to talk to the child's earthly parents as well, but I know that as I've prayed about my Primary children that I've come to understand how to help each one as individuals and we have a much happier class because of it!  Find the perfect answers from the perfect parent of all mankind.

Okay, this week's lesson is Primary 2: Lesson 31: I Will Obey the Law.  Notice how there's NO QUESTION in that title?  I found that interesting. Find the lesson helps HERE.

How I'd teach this lesson:

*I will take plastic farm animals that I have and let each child choose one, name it, and place it on the table.  I will encircle the animals with the plastic fence that came with the animal set when the time comes.

*I will let the children choose the laws that are in the lesson from a bag and we can discuss how they keep us safe.

*I will use the rules card from the helps to explain the rules and then display them so the children remember how to play the "Obeying the Law" game.

*For "just in case we have time" I will prepare Enrichment Activities 2 &3.

Hope this helps--have a restful Sabbath everyone! :)

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