Monday, August 27, 2012

Mynnette's Musings: Sharing What We Love

The Parable of Doctor Who


                If there was a prize for best show of all time, I feel that Doctor Who would win!  I love the show.  I love the premise, I love the characters, I love it!  I would also love it if everyone I knew loved it as much as I do and would watch it as much as I do.  It is so awesome!  There is not one person that I think I WOULDN'T share it with!  There are so many things you can learn from watching it.  I feel that it is the on of the most wonderful shows ever and I talk about it to others.  I also like to hope that I am becoming like the Doctor—he’ll always help someone in need if they are good or wanting good.  He’s always there!  Doctor Who has become part of my life!
                This is the way the gospel should be!  It should be something we want to share, something that becomes our life!  It should be what we talk about all the time and want to share with our friends.  It should be what we crave to study in our free time!  How wonderful it would be if we were as unafraid to share the gospel as we are to share our favorite TV show!  How awesome to let the gospel become such a big part of your life that the study of it makes you excited to get up in the morning!
                I hope that as we strive to live the gospel more fully, that we will be so into the gospel that we can’t help but share it with everyone!

Related scriptures: Matthew 6:13 & 22, Mosiah 2:21, Helaman 10:4, Ether 12:13, D&C 4:2, D&C 11:3, D&C 58:27, D&C 123:13.

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