Saturday, January 12, 2013

Temple Worthy: A Definition?

I don't know about you, but this talk by Elder Scott D. Whitig really struck me and made me re-examine my life.  Just like I'm doing again now.  I made goals for myself at the beginning of the year and I am now reviewing them to make sure that they really are do-able.  I think they are. I am happier and I feel that I am learning the things that Heavenly Father wants me to, so they were all reasonable and worthy goals.  It all started with this talk, though...

Elder Whitig recounts an experience where he toured a temple that was being built with "...the Executive Director of the Temple Department, Elder William R. Walker, and his Temple Department associates."  While they went through this holy building, every now and then something small would be found out and it was noted to fix it.  In one area there was grit on the walls.  In another place, the window wasn't quite right.  Each time, the remark was made that these things were not temple standard or worthy.

Elder Whitig went back for the temple dedication some weeks after.  He noted that the walls that were noted as too gritty were covered with wallpaper and that the window was behind a large plant.  He chuckled to himself that the contractor had been tricky in how he took care of these problems.  When he brought them up later, he was told that, no, these were the plans.  The grit needed to be gone whether or not there was wallpaper.  The window was to be perfect even though the plant would obscure it.

WOW.  Did that hit you at all?  What grit is underneath my personal wallpaper?  What crooked window pane in my soul am I trying to just hide behind a plant?  This talk has made me re-examine things that I thought I was either justified in or else I thought I hid well.  Even if I hide these things to the world, I will never hide them from my Father in Heaven.  He knows all.  The quote I chose to prettify is my basic goal for 2013.

Here's the print that I made for that quote~

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