Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Sustenance

This week, I've really been trying to find things that will help me become a better person and help me overcome my shortcomings.  We all have them, none of us are perfect.  I suffer from severe self doubt, depression, anxiety, and general fear of life a lot of times.  I will strike out to do something new when it's comfortable enough.  The last few months, I've been changing this.  It's hard.  It's scary.  It's worth it.  Here are a few things that have helped me along the way.  

Note:  These are all talks given by Brene Brown, a therapist and researcher who has been working on learning about living a full life. There is cussing in some of these videos.  It's ok.  It's nothing so bad that it detracts from the message.  If any sort of cussing offends you, make the choice not to watch them.

The Power Of Vulnerability:  The only way to make connections is to bring those walls down, folks, even though it is PAINFUL.

Why Your Critics Aren't The Ones Who Count:  LOTS of gems in this one, but my favorite is, "There’s an ideal of what you're supposed to be. And what a lot of us end up doing is we orphan the parts of ourselves that don’t fit what that ideal is supposed to be. And what it leaves - when we orphan those parts of ourselves - is the critic."  Deep, true, scary.  I'm finding out that scary can be good, though!

Listening to Shame: Why we need shame in our lives, and how it can make us great.  This one is magnificent!

Blame: Learning to take responsibility so that you can be your best self.  I love her story about blame because I think it definitely relates to all of us!

Empathy vs. Sympathy:  This is actually the first thing of hers I found and loved.  It has completely changed how I am trying to interact with others.  If you won't watch any of the others, you NEED to watch this one.  No cussing, just truth.  Scary good truth.

One last note about this week's list--I know that they aren't at all "religious", but as I've read my scriptures, prayed for guidance, and sought answers, these videos literally are what I was led to as answers.  I love how God allows us to learn from each other, even if we don't all agree with things all the time.  Have a wonderful Sabbath and a fabulous week! :)

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Anthony and Laura said...

I love her power of vulnerability message! I've listened to that quite a few times. Will have to look up the others. Thank you for this post Mynn : )