Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Sustenance

I've decided, yet again, to be more proactive about my journaling here. ;)  So, I'm attempting something new, and I'm calling it "Sunday Sustenance".  I will make a list of things I have found that have uplifted me through the week and add them each week.  Who know how long each list will be, it is a mystery to even myself!  Enjoy!

The Comforter: A talk from the past General Conference by President Eyring that made me feel like someone understood.  It is like he looked into my heart and spoke the words found there about why it is IMPERATIVE that we serve those around us.

Students Recoginze That ALL Have Worth: Even the school janitor likes to be recognized as important.  Each job is important--the amount of money you make is not.  Without each other, the world would go nuts!

Going back to the first one: This story about a police officer who went FAR above and beyond the call of duty...or did he?  Love this one!

I'm sure there are more, these are just ones that impacted me to the point of remembrance.  I'll (fingers crossed) be back next week with more! :)

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Petra Swart said...

So enjoyed this, Mynn!!!! TFS!!!