Sunday, March 29, 2015

Act Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

Okay, so looking at the title, just know I was trying to be clever and it probably failed.  But, there you have it! ;)  I have had some major life changing events happen over the past few months and so I wanted to share what I have learned.  I won't be going into detail about what led me to the knowledge, just let this sink in and think about it.

I think that in a world where uncertainty is a common feeling, we lack the courage to act.  I'm talking on a daily basis.  Raise your hand if you've ever thought or felt one of these things:

  1. If I go and talk to that person, they might think I'm crazy.
  2. I should call them, but what if they take it the wrong way?
  3. It's easier to do nothing, then there will be no conflict.
  4. I'll just ignore it.  It will go away.
  5. If I decide to say what I really think, what will others think about me?
Okay, so how many things?  If it's even just one, I hope to inspire you to change your though process today!  Even if you don't believe everything I write, I hope that you learn something that changes your perspective and helps you grow.  Let's break these down one by one.  Here are my arguments for action:
  1. You're not crazy, right?  Or, aren't we all a little crazy?!  What if they truly needed someone to just recognize and notice that they were there?  We all need to be seen.  Go and connect!
  2. Are your intentions good?  Is it your desire to do good?  Then even if they take your service the wrong way, it will be counted to your benefit.  God can only bless those who act.  Bless yourself as you bless others?
  3. Without conflict, there is not growth.  Moving forward means embracing the conflict and finding a resolution.  If both parties do nothing, nothing changes.  You're right--if you're the only one willing to change, the relationship does not change.  But you do.  Be willing to change yourself--you can't make a difference without starting with you!
  4. Ignoring things don't make them disappear.  Unkind feelings, that mess in your room, the feeling that you aren't well--those do not just disappear because you ignore it.  They can get worse.  Doing nothing is the antithesis of growth.  Stagnant water, it's not drinkable.  Be the water that cleanses--cleanse your life!
  5. Who cares?  Honestly.  I'm not being trite, but who cares?  What if there was one, just ONE, person who needed to hear your opinion.  Your life matters.  Your opinion matters.  We live in a world where we need diversity, yet it isn't truly tolerated or valued.  Be the one and only you--the right person/people will benefit!
And that's all for now.  I'm sorry that I'm still up in the air about posting.  I am trying to fit it all in and so my thoughts blog gets the brunt of it.  I do make lists of topics that I want to write about, so stay tuned!  One day they'll be here for you to read. ;)

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Petra Swart said...

Thanks for this, friend, you have given me a lot to think about!!!!
Very wise words!!!