Monday, January 20, 2014


Hi, friends, and happy Monday! ;)  I'm going to be calling this my LOVE week!  I've got some fabulous free prints that I'd love for you to grab--and they all have the theme of LOVE!  Perfect for you Valentine's decorating needs! :)

The first print I have for you features my newest favorite quote.  It is just so wonderful.  It's incredibly simple and incredibly profound.

Here's the print~

Perfect, isn't it?  Just beautiful in its simplicity.  And yet SO HARD to accomplish at times!

It is so easy to love those who love us, isn't it?  But what about people that don't love us?  Are we justified in ignoring them or being unkind to them?

I'm afraid to say, or perhaps not, that we are never justified in this type of behavior.  This is part of my New Year's resolution.  I want to be more positive and more loving.  I hope you join me in the journey!

I wish I had something more deep and profound to say to you, but I think sometimes it's the simple things that are hardest to accomplish and so keeping it simple helps. :)

Feel free to grab this print FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  For all other disclaimers and policies, see the tab up top.

HUGS for now!  Will be posting again later this week! ;)

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