Monday, September 24, 2012

Mynnette's Musings: Self Reliance

The Parable of Fast Food


                I have noticed something about myself.  I go through phases where I don’t eat any fast food for a long time and then I don’t have time one day and so I’ll go through a drive through.  This makes me once again realize how convenient it is to have someone do the work of preparing food for me, and I waste a lot of money buying things to eat that I could have made for less at home.  It’s so much cheaper to buy the ingredients and make the meals yourself, but it is time consuming and sometimes labor intensive.
                This can be related to life in this way:  we can choose to do things for ourselves and work hard but reap the reward of less money taken, or we can always shirk our responsibility and have others do our work for us.  This is the more costly option of the two.  Not only do we rob ourselves of much needed work and learning, we create a burden upon others and take away from our spiritual bank.  Heavenly Father has taught us that He expects us to do all that we can and then Christ will make up for the rest.  How scary is it to think that if we do not do ALL that we can, we have robbed ourselves and burdened someone else along the way!
                I sincerely hope that we learn to do things for ourselves when we are young so that instead of creating a burden on those around us, we will be able to give ourselves to the important work Heavenly Father has given us to do here on earth.  If we do so, I know that our spiritual banks will be full for our time on earth and for our life to come!

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