Monday, September 3, 2012

Mynnette's Musings: Don't Sniff Expired Milk

The Parable of the Expired Milk


                I’m sure you’ve all smelled expired milk.  It really is not pleasant.  I have come to realize that I really don’t need to smell milk to know when it’s bad.  I look at the date on the side of the milk and know that if it’s past the date, I need to get rid of it!  I shouldn’t have to smell or taste it to see if it’s bad!  Someone who has knowledge about the milk already has told me when it’s bad!
                This is really applicable to things we choose to do.  We know certain things are bad!  We don’t have to smell or taste them to know that they aren’t what we should be doing!  We have someone with a greater knowledge who lets us know if something isn’t quite right.  Actually, we have many someones!  We have the Holy Ghost.  We have parents.  We have righteous leaders.  If we listen to them, we won’t have to go through the physical pain of smelling or tasting bad milk!
                It is my prayer that as we go through life, we will trust in those with higher knowledge to lead us to do the things that we should and avoid the expired milk experiences that will come our way.

Related scriptures:  Joshua 24:15, Psalms 119:30, Isaiah 66:3James 1:27, D&C 37:4, D&C 59:9, .Moses 3:17.

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