Thursday, June 21, 2012

Knowledge from God

I have been blessed with amazing parents who stressed the importance of education, both in spiritual matters and in earthly matters.  They instilled in me a love of learning from a young age and it has continued to grow as I've gotten older.  I am so incredibly grateful to them and for the desire that I have to continue in knowledge and learning.  As I study gospel principles, I feel the importance of what I am learning and learn more each day.  Sometimes the knowledge alights upon me quickly and suddenly while at other times I have had to take time to understand the principle I am learning about.  Each new day brings more light and knowledge from God, though, and I am eternally thankful that I have the ability to learn and understand.

These thoughts go perfectly with the scripture over at Word Art Wednesday this week.  I've made a printable that you may use for PERSONAL use if you'd like to.  Just left click to enlarge, right click and save!

Here it is~

One of the ways that I have always been helped in learning and understanding the gospel is by having personal and family scripture study and prayer each day.  It is so wonderful to sit down with your family and to discuss the scriptures that you are reading.  Many precious memories have been made in my immediate family and with my DH and I as we study the scriptures together each night before we go to bed.  When I was younger, my wonderful father would call us all in for prayer and scripture study before we would eat our dinner together.  I am so thankful for his righteous perseverance in not listening to our griping and complaining about wanting to eat! ;)  Prayer and scripture study are also a wonderful way to finish up a day!  I don't have any specific stories about scripture study from my childhood, but I do have one from this last week as we've had my two nieces (aged 3 and 1) visiting us from Utah.

Our 3 year old niece likes to participate in scripture study and will "read" a verse for use when it is her turn.  She will repeat exactly what she is told to recite and her sweet little voice sounds so beautiful as she speaks the words of God.  I imagine that this is how our Father in Heaven feels each time we listen and preach His word to those around us and in our families.  We are all God's children and it must make Him incredibly happy to see each of us learning what He has given us each day.  I encourage you (and myself) to do a little better each day at learning and applying the gospel to our daily lives.  God bless! :)

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A Joyful Noise said...

Thank you for sharing your post at "Tell Me a Story." It is refreshing to hear of those who also had Biblical training from a young child and learned to memorize scriptures. This is so important. Your young niece will remember what you are teaching her while she visits you. You are continuing this as you and DH study the Bible together.

Karen Letchworth said...

I love this, Mynnette, and I enjoy the KJV so much. Thanks for sharing this with us! You are a blessing to me, and to Word Art Wednesday, every week as you share from your heart. I pray that you will draw close to the Lord Jesus Christ through Word Art Wednesday, and I am so blessed to know it is a blessing to you. You are certainly a blessing to us.

Karen L
Word Art Wednesday

LDH said...

Beautiful art! Thanks for sharing, Mynnette. A joy to read about your families practice of Scripture study! Happy you shared on Think on These Things.

Kindle, Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Hi Mynnette, Such a beautiful post about studying the Bible with family. Your art is lovely. So nice to meet you through Think On These Things.

Karen Conner said...

You'll definitely never regret spending time in scripture with your family.

Be able to do art with God's word is so special to be able to share with someone else. Yours is very interesting with all the textures.

Thanks for playing with us @ Word Art Wednesday!

Gemiel said...

Thanks so much for blessing US with your words and your art this week. Your printable is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing it with us at Word Art Wednesday.