Saturday, November 5, 2011

Forget Me Not Booklet

Hello, digi friends! Sorry it's been so long...I've been focusing more on my paper crafting blog!

BUT, I want to share with you what I am going to give to the sisters that I visit teach in November. I promised more, so here you go! Because I'm linking up to an online party, I wanted to explain how this is a scripture. In our church, we are led by a prophet and by apostles of Jesus Christ (as the church was during the time that Christ lived). We believe that the words that they speak are modern day scripture--just like the words that the ancient prophet and apostles spoke. Twice each year, we hold a General Conference and we get to hear from our general authorities. The words on these printables are from a special meeting for the women of the world from back in September. They are not "traditional" scripture, but they are scripture to me, and so this is why I am sharing it with you all! You can find the entire talk here. :)

I've included the original digital print, as I am going to use it as the front cover. There is also a quote page for each Forget Not, a question, and then an answer page that matches the quote/question page. This way, they can take the message into their lives in a more personal way. :)

I'm linking this up to a fabulous new link party at Little Birdie Blessings--join us, won't you?! Click on the image to make it bigger and print--these are yours FREE! :) I'll post pics of my finished project...hopefully. ;D Happy printing!

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Jacinda Cote said...

I came to your blog for the primary lesson #20, and loved it! I decided to keep looking around and clicked on digital art as that is what I do too! :) Anyways, I found this one and it is exactly what I needed today! I rarely download someone else's work as I prefer to make my own digital art, but I reallly love what you have done! So thank you very much! You made my day brighter! :)