Friday, July 1, 2016

First Observe, Then Serve: The Crucifixion

Welcome back to another post in my "First Observe, Then Serve" series.  To participate in this online discussion, please see my first post of this series with all the information on what to expect over the next four weeks!  Feel free to join our Facebook group, as well, where people from all walks of life are joining the conversation.

This week I want to share my thoughts about Jesus's act of service for His mother at the time of His death.  You can find the account of this in John chapter 19.  This is a very short and to the point act of service and takes place as He is performing His most important act of service--dying for all mankind.

In the midst of all His pain and suffering, the Lord still had time to look down, see His mother, and entrust her care to one of His apostles.  This is amazing to me.  With everything going on, Christ still took the time to be observing and serving those around Him.

Firstly, this act was performed for His mother.  This reiterates to me how service must originate in the home.  Home is our first and greatest responsibility.  Any time we seek to serve, we should look to those closest to us before anyone else.  When we take care of things at home, we are more able to help others and it will not seem to be a burden because we will feel that all is well with those we love the most.  This doesn't mean that we use that as an excuse not to serve.  It just means that there will be times and seasons when serving outside the home will be less possible, and that's ok!  Follow the Spirit, and you can't go wrong.

Secondly, I have learned that importance of always serving--no matter our circumstances.  There have been times that I have been very sick or in pain and service has seemed impossible.  In those times, I have been blessed by the service of others and realized how important it is to always be serving.  If the Savior, in extreme agony, far more than any other man has or will experience here on earth, is capable of performing yet another act of service during His darkest hour, I can do so, too.  This has encouraged me to look outside myself at all times.  Service usually helps me feel happier, and I need to remember to serve when I need it the most, too.  That is the beauty of service--it reminds us of our potential and eternal worth, and benefits all involved.

That is all that I have for today!  What do you see in this story about the need to first observe, then serve?  I can't wait to hear your thoughts!  Feel free to email me, comment below, or join our Facebook group.  Do what you are comfortable with!  I'll be back next Tuesday with the last installment of this series.  Until then, HUGS and prayers sent your way! :)

P.S.: Please make sure that you keep all comments uplifting and kind.  Assume the best of each other and read all comments in a positive manner.  I truly believe that anyone commenting is only seeking to be understood and heard, not offend. :)

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