Friday, July 26, 2013

Small & Simple

Hi all!  I know it's been a super long time since I posted on here, but I've been busy.  I've been busy trying to simplify my life.  I want to get back to basics, do the things I need to do first (spiritual study/prayer), the things I have to do next (housework), the things I want to do (crafting, etc.), and then I can do the things that I don't have an enormous amount of responsibility for.  Unfortunately, this blog is categorized under the last one...not because I don't want to share, but because I would rather share face to face and so I've been out doing more of that! :)

Tonight I was scrolling down Facebook (the later category...although housework isn't 100% done...oops!) and I saw a post from Elder Bednar about keeping things simple.  PERFECT!

Here's the clip~

So, I made a print to display in my home as a reminder to keep things small and simple.  And then I thought YOU'D like to display one too perhaps!  So I've done up all sorts of colors and hopefully one works for you!

Here they are~

Just click to enlarge then right click and save!  Please feel free to use these FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  For more disclaimers and printing policies, please see the tab up top!  Happy printing!!!

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Carole Robb Bisson said...

As Christians we must put first things first. I have the best days when my Bible reading and prayer are uninterrupted, followed by daily household chores and good deeds. Crafting is the sweet candy/reward. Mynette you are a real blessing.