Monday, April 16, 2012

Psalm 28:7

Hello, friends!  I have a new digital print to share with you all again.  It uses this week's Word Art Wednesday scripture: Psalm 28:7.

Here it is~

A few thoughts on the subject, as per my usual blog routine. :)  I love the words of the Psalms.  The poetry puts the feelings of my heart into words that are perfect.  I come from a family that is very big into music and we all sing and most of us play an instrument.  As I was learning to be a better musician, I heard a statistic that almost 100% of songs are written either about love, or God.  Well, I believe that this is true!  I have always felt closest to God when singing His praises!  Music is such a wonderful gift from our Father in Heaven, and I am grateful that in His mercy, He has allowed me to partake in this gift while I live here on earth!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week--my weekend was a little harrowing as the tornadoes literally missed us by a few miles.  BUT, we are safe.  I know that our prayers were answered!  Oh, and please feel free to print this--just follow the guidelines found at the bottom of my blog. :)  Happy printing!


Karen Letchworth said...

Hi Mynnette! I agree that music is a powerful way to connect with God. He is the One who gave us music, and we should use it to glorify Him. Thanks for playing along at Word Art Wednesday this week and for using the scripture.
Karen L
Word Art Wednesday

Jennifer said...

This is very lovely! Beautiful font you've used for the scripture and those flowers are incredible! I to love to sing the praises of the Lord Jesus. Thank you for sharing with us at Word Art Wednesday!

Rose said...

i am not in to the digital age but this card is soooo pretty and i LOVE how you use scriptures on your creations :)
thanks for the love you left on my blog :)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Wonderful to know the tornadoes did not harm you! I see the news on TV (I'm from the Philippines) and it is terrifying to watch those monsters! Sometimes the devastation left behind is just too much to bear! It is good we have the Lord to depend on! And indeed the Psalms say what is in our heart, or should be! Blessings! Patsy from