Sunday, February 27, 2011

He Will Give You Help (What We Believe Series)

He Will Give You Help
Mynnette Kitchen 2-27-2011

Our Savior lived and died for us,
A life of selfless sacrifice.
Through Him all mankind can be saved,
He conquered even our earthly grave.
The love and hope that from Christ we feel
Is strong enough, our wounds it heals.
Come unto Christ and live anew,
His words, His deeds to humbly do.


Mary said...

Sometimes I wonder if we are thankful for His sacrifice. I know that I am thankful, when I think of it. But how often do we actually THINK and PONDER about the sacrifice Jesus gave?

Mynnette said...

I agree Mary. I've tried to be more diligent in my prayers to give thanks for the Atonement and to utilize it daily. :) It's good that we are commanded to pray and read scriptures daily--it helps us to remember how lucky we are to have a loving Father in Heaven and a Savior who made the way possible for us to return to our heavenly home.